Saturday, 17 September 2011

A new Understanding

2 weeks into having a puppy I have finally come to terms that it is like having a baby. When people would say “it’s like having a baby” I always said “well kind of” not fully understanding how you could equate the two. Now having a puppy I understand what they meant. A puppy requires a routine and it can’t communicate with you and often this causes frustration and confusion.

Marlow has adapted fairly well to his new surroundings. Walking seems more like a walk and less like a drag. He sleeps through most of the night now with a 5am walk scheduled to split up the crate time. He listens to simple commands such as sit, lay down, enough, no and do your business.

His personality is starting to show through more and more and he tries to push the limits a bit here and there. He occasionally will hold his own leash if you drop it and will look up at you as if to say “see I can walk myself”. He has also found his bark and will use it when he is upset at us for putting him in the crate or when he is playing with scout (our kitten). He seems to have playful spurts along with long resting periods which allows us to have moments of quiet as well.

Housebreaking is a little slower than expected. He does his “business” outside on a regular basis and we do praise him with both affection and the occasional treats. Even with regular trips outside every 2 hours when we are home he will urinate in the apartment, and right in front of us. As soon as he does it he runs off and hides as he knows it was not a good decision to make. I am hoping over the next few weeks this will all work out and we won’t have accidents in the house anymore.

Marlow being a puppy is much smaller than a lot of dogs in our area but he seems to gravitate towards these bigger breeds over the dogs his own size. He seems to find the smaller dogs too wound up and just sits there looking at them as if to say “you are too much for me”. The larger dog such as the Dalmatian, shepherd mix, Rottweiler and lab he tends to befriend easily and will play with for extended periods of time.

We have been leash training but Marlow seems to do better when I let the leash drop. He stays beside me more, returns when I feel he has gone too far and never strays to close to the road. He loves to chase me and will often initiate this game of dog and owner which often ends in my giggling like a school girl at his antics.  

Overall raising a puppy is similar to having a baby. You want to raise it with good characteristics. You need to enjoy the “baby” stage as they do grow up so fast. You need to set boundaries and be consistent. Marlow has been a great addition to the family and has adapted well to his four furry kitty siblings and it will be fun to see what develops from here.

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  1. I have compared Genevieve and Murray to kids since we got them! Some people get it, others (who aren't dog lovers) don't but it's the next closest thing for sure! Mostly that puppy is fully dependent on you to teach it to become a good dog but also to provide it with the love and quality of life it needs and deserves! Marlow is such a sweetie, you will do great! <3